Keep Your Soul: My Message to the Black Community

Don’t let them take your soul. Your soul is your most admirable commodity. Your soul is your most valuable commodity. It’s what they envy and covet and currently it seems as if they’ve got it against the ropes. Times are tough. It can be difficult to find hope. But this has been the case throughout African American history and in those toughest of times it’s always been your soul that’s kept you going. 

Want to know what really pisses off racists? Seeing Black people enjoying themselves. “Look at these niggers smiling”, is a real quote I heard as a child in white society. Rest assured it wasn’t said as a bad attempt at humor but with hate in the cadence. This person was angered simply from driving by a group of Black men who were having a good time. That’s real hate. That’s hating your soul, and that’s why you must hold your heads up, come together, and prove once again that it’ll never be taken from you. 

With yet another news cycle filled with high racial tensions, on top of a pandemic, on top of the Trump Administrations blatant corruption, on top of every other shitty thing everyone’s dealing with at the moment, it’s been discouraging to see so many Black people I admire with their heads down. Do I understand why? Yes. But so don’t they. And if you think they’re going to let up now, you don’t understand the last 400 years.

If I’m seeing your soul against the ropes, they are also. So now is not the time to give up or retreat in sorrow. It’s not the time to hunker down alone and hope everything works out. It’s not the time to dwell. It’s not the time to cry. Now is the time to do what gives you absolute power over racists. Smile. Laugh with each other. Laugh at each other. Play whatever your personal interpretation of Black music is and play it loud and cut it up. March, advocate, teach, and preach. Be Black. Retain, but also replenish your soul. It’s the best weapon you have.

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