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Pick a topic or section. Read the articles. Maybe learn something. The PowWow Read & Learn page is an attempt to give readers easy access to articles we find educational, factual, and interesting. We know it’s difficult for many to dig through the vast apparatus that is American media. While there’s certainly a lot of junk, there’s also an impressive pool of talented, high integrity journalists and reporters who are dedicated to fact finding and honest educating. We’ll try and seek them out and post links to relevant work, enabling readers to select a topic and quickly access reputable content with ease, all in one place. We’ll also post current and past writing from relevant political and social players and important historical figures. Feel free to email us through the PowWow page and suggest articles, publications, topics, or writers, we’re not covering.

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Lebron James opens elementary school, guarantees college tuition to graduates

August 4th 2018
By Ursula Perano and Nadeem Muaddi

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The school, a project of the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, provides students with a slew of awesome perks.


The tender, terrifying truth about what happened inside the Trader Joe’s hostage siege

August 3rd 2018
By Robin Abcarian

PowWow Commentary

About halfway through the three-hour siege at Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, the wounded gunman, Gene Atkins, looked at one of his hostages, MaryLinda Moss, and told her it was all over for him. “I just shot at a cop,” he said.

The Cost of Reporting While Female

Winter 2018
By Anne Helen Peterson

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You begin by teaching yourself what you can ignore. Rot in hell. You’re a cunt. Maybe you wouldn’t be so mad if you weren’t so ugly. They arrive as replies on Twitter, a line dropped into a DM, comments reassuring in their lack of specificity. The reasons they arrive are not always clear. The first time I was told I should go die a slow and painful death, it was because I had written about Kristen Stewart. I’d posted on a small WordPress blog, and a female fan had disliked the way I’d analyzed her star image.

Letter From Birmingham Jail

August 1963
By Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Letter from Birmingham Jail, also known as the Letter from Birmingham City Jail and The Negro Is Your Brother, is an open letter written on April 16, 1963, by Martin Luther King Jr. It says that people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws and to take direct action rather than waiting potentially forever for justice to come through the courts. Responding to being referred to as an “outsider”, King writes: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Voter Suppression Is Still One of the Greatest Obstacles to a More Just America

June 12th, 2020
By David Daley and Rev. Jesse L. Jackson

PowWow Commentary

America’s streets are filled with protesters because we no longer believe that our voices are being heard.

What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

July/Aug 2015 Issue
By Katherine Reynolds Lewis

PowWow Commentary

Negative consequences, timeouts, and punishment just make bad behavior worse. But a new approach really works.



Why we capitalize ‘Black’ (and not ‘white’)

June 16th 2020
By Mike Laws

PowWow Commentary

AT THE COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW, we capitalize Black, and not white, when referring to groups in racial, ethnic, or cultural terms. For many people, Black reflects a shared sense of identity and community. White carries a different set of meanings; capitalizing the word in this context risks following the lead of white supremacists.

Civil Rights

Criminal Justice



How Republicans Tried To Rig An Election

September 6th, 2019
By Jay Willis

PowWow Commentary

It’s been nine months, and the district still doesn’t have a congressional representative. But voters head to the polls again soon.

Voting By People of Color is up, but so are Barriers Built by Republicans

January 15th, 2020
By Stacey Abrams and Eric H. Holder Jr.

PowWow Commentary

At the core of our American democracy is the belief that the people should elect the leaders who give voice to their values and ambitions. The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy, yet over the past decade, partisanship has overtaken patriotism in the political process.

Campaigns and Elections



Small farms in the Midwest can heal the environment and prosper with ‘Green New Deal’

February 04, 2019
By Robert Leonard and Matt Russell

PowWow Commentary

It’s been a tough year for farmers here in Iowa and across much of America. After several years of low commodity prices, President Donald Trump’s tariffs and a partial government shutdown have rocked the markets.



The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate

December 2019 Issue
By Caitlin Flanagan

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Why we need to face the best arguments from the other side.

Obama’s Forgotten Plan to Reduce Abortions

January 15, 2017
By Michael Wear

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The issue of abortion has roiled American politics for decades because the issue raises potent political ideas and values: life, liberty, privacy, autonomy and power.





Foster Care and Adoption

Social Services


President Obama

American History

World History



Trump’s Mysterious $50 Million Loan

November/December 2019 Issue
By Russ Choma

PowWow Commentary

Donald Trump’s massive debts—he owes hundreds of millions of dollars—are the subject of continuous congressional and journalistic scrutiny. But for years, one Trump loan has been particularly mystifying: a debt of more than $50 million that Trump claims he owes to one of his own companies. According to tax and financial experts, the loan, which Trump has never fully explained, might be part of a controversial tax avoidance scheme known as debt parking.

The 10 Episodes Mueller Investigated For Obstruction of Justice

April 18, 2019
By Emily Stewart

PowWow Commentary

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report contains 10 instances where President Donald Trump potentially committed obstruction of justice. Now that the report has been released, we know what they are.